EventWitness is a reputable registered North Carolina Corporation making the maximum effort to comply with all local, state,   & federal laws regarding online ticket brokering.

As of June 2009, The North Carolina General Assembly revised Article 44 which regulates the online sale of event tickets. More information specifically relating to topic can be found HERE.

Event Witness proudly runs operates business according to all of North Carolina’s laws and regulations regarding ticket sales:

Ticket Guarantee – A person who resells or offers to resell admission tickets under this section must guarantee to the purchaser a full refund of the amount paid for the ticket under each of the following conditions:

(1) The ticketed event is cancelled. Reasonable handling and delivery fees may be withheld from the refund price of a cancelled ticketed event if the ticket guarantee on the Web site specifically informs the purchaser that handling and delivery fees will be withheld from the refunded amount.

(2) The purchaser is denied admission to the ticketed event. This subdivision does not apply if admission to the ticketed event is denied to the purchaser because of an action or omission of the purchaser.

(3) The ticket is not delivered to the purchaser in the manner described on the Web site or pursuant to the delivery guarantee made by the reseller, and the failure results in the purchaser’s inability to attend the ticketed event.